Comprehensive Derivation of a Density Limit of the Evolution of Space

Laurie Heeren, Paul Sawitzki, Hans-Otto Carmesin


No density can be larger than the Planck density. The time evolution of the actual light horizon should be traced back until the Planck length is reached. However there arises a problem, as in the framework of general relativity theory, GRT, that length is only reached at the density much larger than the Planck density. We investigate the Planck scale, the evolution of space according to the Friedmann Lemaitre equation and the resulting density limit by using EXCEL in a graphic manner. So, we achieve a comprehensive understanding based on our own activity. Additionally, we outline a possible solution of that problem.


Didaktische Rekonstruktion; Elementarisierung; Analogie, Vernetzung


Beitrag DD 16.49

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